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    August 19, 2014
    7:00 - 8:01pm PDT  

>> tonight a rapidly spreading wildfire on the outskirts of yosemite tonight. >> are you putting your life at risk on this roadway? tonight dangers after two hit and run accidents just a block apart. >> a veteran rock climber is killed in a tragic fall. tonight how he died on the happiest day of his life. >> and a major motion picture being shot in san francisco. what it takes to keep hollywood happy in california. my kids baby books and photo albums is gone.
it's a complete loss. >> this fire destroyed vacation homes, burned businesses, and forced a thousand people to run for their lives. >> officials are reporting good progress in fighting the fire, but it's taken a turn less than 20 miles from the southern entrance to yosemite national park. highway 41 reopened late today. abc7 news is there live with an update. laura? >> hi, dan. there is a helicopter above me, still doing water drops on hot spots to my left. in the meantime, the situation is improved. this building was engulfed in flames, a landmark is gone in a matter of minutes. >> we've had ten minutes.
>> diana's home is standing but damaged in the fire that swept through the town. >> my kids' baby books and photo albums everything with me when i came to help take care of my dad. it's all gone. this is a complete loss. >> flames spread from one hillside to the next, whipped by winds. >> we're concerned about all of it. the way we had activity yesterday and fire spotting and jumping. >> among casualties a propane supply business in another building that housed historic old barn restaurant. >> it's sickening but better than most aspects. we can recover, but we don't know where we're going to go from here.
>> in downtown oakhurst, the streets are bustling, a far cry from what it's supposed to look like. >> our business relies on duri. >> one day after opening for fall, area schools were closed. . >> i hope the school is still there. >> we're back live at what is left of the restaurant. used to be the old barn becoming an event facility here. a high school girl says she hopes the school is still there. i can tell her it is this but chances have been cancelled. >> five fire engines and personnel supplied us with this
video of them leaving from truck scales along interstate 580 where they met before heading out. and there is another big fire burning in southern california tonight. this one is called the way fire near lake isabella, burning 3200 acres and spreading rapidly. at last report, it was threatening 200 structures and burning towards towns of wofford heights and kernville. because of drought conditions both kern county and one near oakhurst have been fighting with a grant from fema. >> you won't see close calls closer than this. surveillance video shows a car
on bridgeway. witnesses say as you can see, it just happened so fast. >> it's glass, you know? >> the chase started when the suspect rear ended one vehicle and hit three more. he was arrested and four people, including the man behind the wheel and a woman were taken to the hospital. >> in san jose, two pedestrians trying to cross a busy road. accidents just a block apart, now, residents are demanding a safer way to cross. there is proof, how fast cars are speeding. david? >> center road is busy. now, it's under scrutiny by police as well as city
officials. there are pedestrians at risk. >> this traffic officer stopped the driver the speed limit is 40. two men at have been mowed down the past few nights. the officer didn't look through the device and i saw similar speeds. with crosswalks equipped with beacon lights installed after previous accidents. look at how daniel martinez and his mother have to wait until drivers see them, and stop. >> we don't have to wait for people, you know? to do something about it.
it's not safe. >> they're just trying to cross the street. cars come flying down. they don't give people a chance to cross. >> counsel member madison nguyen will be looking into the problem and says a traffic signal costs about a half million dollars. what do speeders have to say? this woman was racing to the corner gas station. >> did you realize how fast you're going? >> i knew the next light up, i needed to get there. i didn't want to run out of gas. >> in sajose, abc7 news. >> san jose police released a description of of the car responsible for sunday night's hit and run. it missing it's right side
mirror and right windshield weather stripping. >> a deadly plane crash started a brush fire that burned throughout the night. sky 7 showed the wreckage the pilot told air traffic controllers that he waned to make an emergency landing. he never made it a crew found the wreckage. the fire burned 40 acres before firefighters put it out today. no homes were ever at risk. >> and an israeli cargo ship pre-palestinian ships targeted traveled past the golden gate bridge, then, switched course. the port of oakland tells abc 7 news the ship is heading back now. over the weekend, demonstrators blocked the terminal, preventing long shoremen from unloading the ship. workers have said they will not
unload the ship as a protest, though there is a cease-fire in place. >> no word yet on a public tribute for comedian robin williams but a memorial has gone away now. last night the owner of this house on steiner street began clearing out flowers, cards, and messages fans have been dropping off since williams' death last week. a week ago, yesterday the house was the setting for the movie "mrs. doubtfire" and became a gathering point for mourners there are messages scrawled on the sidewalk the owner wants to send the memorabilia to the family. >> a sebastapol man following his passion of climbing fell to his death in yosemite saturday, on the same day he asked for his girlfriend's hand in marriage. >> on saturday, brad parker and his girlfriend completed a climb to the summit of cathedral peak. once there, he asked her to marry him. >> amazing day. had a great time.
and just proposal happened on the top of the peak. they descended then. >> parker wanted to train for a hard climb this week. so he went alone to climb mathis crest, a dramatic ridge, just about three miles from cathedral peak. he decided to do it solo. meaning, without a rope. >> he climbed the climb, 2, 3 times. and one of those times was without a rope. he absolutely thought he would do this. >> something went wrong. nearby climbers saw parker fall down the granite crest. brad parker was a veteran climber who pursued the sport 20 years, traveling the world following his passion. >> nepal, thailand, south america. then, yosemite and eastern sierras were his backyard. >> he was one of the strongest,
most talented climbers and on occasion, he taught yoga and deep tissue massage here. he was in a loving relationship. >> we were witnessing their growing relationship. it was inspiring to see. and exciting. >> today, a small tribute to a man who followed his dreams, lifting everyone's spirits with a smile, and passion. vic lee, abc7 news. >> stay with us. breaking news. a case of ebola here in northern california, coming up next. >> also, from drought to climate change, challenges facing lake tahoe. >> from berkeley tonight, free marijuana. the rules and requirements for getting no cost pot from your local dispensary. >> lingering clouds, chances of drizzle but sunnier and warmer days are around the corner.
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>> some breaking health news a patient may have been exposed to the deadly ebola virus the patient being treated at kaiser permanente's south sacramento medical center. the patient has been isolated. the hospital says this will protect others from possible
exposure. >> lake tahoe is one of the crown jewels of the western united states, but being challenged by drought, invasive species, threat of wildfire and climate change. >> next to camp richardson, politics stayed out of it. a bipartisan effort to find ways to protect the lake. >> we're engaged in a great undertaking working together, living in a way where we come together, overcome differences and see clearly, ask care to get it done. >> the lake has been challenged and both parties support more logging in the area. >> i am very happy with the
theme of this summit. drought, wildfires, invasive species. they're ruining our country and they're trying to damage this great lake. >> water clarity improved in recent years. >> it's gone from 60 feet to 75 feet. >> that is walter gray. california does not have another water for everyone. that is the conclusion showing the state aloe indicated five times more water. rain and snow produce about 70 acre feet of water each year.
. >> in berkeley tonight, free marijuana is now available. those who qualify will have to pay. here is alisa harrington on the new mandate for the dispensaries. medical marijuana dispensaries are now required to provide free cannibis to patients. this means a salary of $30,000 or less. >> people making minimum wage or less. >> to qualify, a patient must show residency, and it's safing poorest residents money, it's costing dispensaries they're forced to put aside 2% of the costs to provide this free service. >> it's a substantial contribution to the public good
to take care of the patients. >> it's a matter of giving people what they need. >> many have been giving away free cannibis. >> we built this into our business model. it's something we're happy to be doing. >> linda could qualify for free pot under the rules she says it would save her hundreds of dollars per week. >> i'm a low income mother. i think it's wonderful. it's needed in the community. >> people have mixed feelings around town. >> income shouldn't prevent you from getting it if you need it. >> used by people that don't really need it. >> there are 35,000 students but unless they're official berkeley
residents, they don't qualify. >> humanity. >> but i wanted more. >> yes. 2, 3 days in a row now, we've had drizzle. we're so thirsty for rain, we welcome every hundredths inch. we've had lingering clouds and lots of moisture hanging around. we have clouds at the coast right now and moisture in those clouds evidenceded by measurable rainfall today. this is during overnight hours. right now, blue skies south and
east. it's 66 degrees. 70s in oakland. 64 at half moon bay. check this out. 70 in novato. and dark view it is. looking towards golden gate. these forecast features cloudy overnight, cooler than average inland tomorrow. warmer thursday. and we'll have a lower pattern over the weekend. water vapor satellite shows a low drifting south ward now. clouds help deepen that marine layer still there. starting at 7:00, notice during overnight hours, the low shifts
inland by thursday, we'll have sunny skies. overnight, look for clouds and more drizzle near the coast and bay and into higher elevations low temperatures mainly into upper 50s. highs from upper 70s to low 80s. mid to upper 60s in and around san francisco. downtown topping out at 67 tomorrow. highs in the mid-70s. and inland east bay highs around 80 degrees closer to the hills.
here is the accu-weather forecast. temperatures dropping off saturday, bouncing back sunday, upper 80s inland. mid to upper 60s on the coast. >> coming up next a 3-year-old takes reigns in a san francisco construction site. >> it's a memory lasting a lifetime just ahead.
>> in san francisco a construction project for the spirit. ingredients, a skyscraper in the making and a little boy on the mend wayne freedman takes up the story from there. they say if you want to go to work in a chosen field, you cannot start early enough, but age three? >> he is the job site superintendent for the day. >> when is the last time you took orders from a 3-year-old? >> when my sons were younger. >> that is mike durant. normally he's the guy in charge but then, renzo lombardi came along. >> he's loved construction since he was little. >> his father says when in a hospital recovering from kidney cancer and 20 weeks of chemotherapy, the kid loved construction.
>> it's construction going on at the hospital. and this i never would have imagined. >> but planners at the make a wish foundation did. from digging to running big machines this won't just be the dream of a little boy sick. how about any boy sth a grown up boy? >> it's a lot of work to build and today, worth all of the effort to give a sick little boy a lifetime of memories. >> if you'd like to help go to abc7 we have a link to the make a wish foundation. >> story of a bay area best-known looking at 5-year-old miles scott's battle with
leukemia. transformed is is to make the dream come true. >> there is more still to come. just ahead, extreme weather in the desert southwest. rescues by a massive flash flood. >> and trouble in ferguson, missouri. >> and you're going to see the governor of texas former presidential candidate being fingerprinted and booked on a corruption indictment. stay
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a surprise development in the case of a 2-year-old girl hit and killed in a crosswalk. police continue to search for the driver, they've arrested the aunt of the 2-year-old for child endangerment. officers say she walked the toddler halfway across mission street against the light but walked back to get her twin brother, leaving her alone in
the crosswalk z a car that had the green light hit and killed the 2-year-old. police are still looking for the driver of a dark colored camery-sized car with a mismatched front bumper. >> isis militants claim they've executed an american journalist james foley kidnapped and today, a video appears to show the photo journalist delivering a statement condemning u.s. action in iraq. he's then beheaded. u.s. intelligence officials say they're trying to determine the video's authenticity. his cousin kelly tweeted please respect my family's privacy. don't watch the video. don't share it. that is not how life should be. >> storms drenched parts of arizona today, trapping people inside of their cars and homes.
houses were swamped and a breech poured water into the streets crews rescued six stranded drivers you can see there. crews pull an elderly woman whose minivans were submerged >> city officials pledging to learn what they call discord and heart break of the shooting of michael brown. city leaders are pleading with the public to stay home after dark. people in ferguson have been demonstrating since michael brown's death, shot by a police officer after being stopped for jaywalking. >> this isn't the first time the people of ferguson have risen up against the police department. tonight, cmn looks into another case that created distrust in
the community long before the death of michael brown. tensions are running high. this isn't the first time the city dealt with unrest. in 2009, the police department was also under scrutiny with the case of henry davis. >> what they told me, i shouldn't have been here. i was the wrong person, they beat me while handcuffed. >> davis spoke to us by phone he recounted a story of what he says happened to him on a rainy night nearly five years ago. said police spotted him after he pulled over to wait out the weather. and davis says he told police they had the wrong man. >> the female police officer jumped on my back, and she
handcuffed me they started beating me. >> davis ended up with the hospital can cuts, bruises and he was charged with property damage for bleeding on the officer's uniform. no officer faced charges or dismrdi dismrdi dismrin nary actions. he alleged his client's civil rights were violated. a judge ruled in favor of the city. davis is appealing. >> must be upsetting when you see what's happening today, when you see cases like this. you try to make a difference to prevent things like what happened in the city. >> the chief, tom jackson acknowledges changes needed to be made. >> so is that an acknowledgement
officers in the past did not act appropriately? >> not at all. my focus is to make it the best police department i could. >> but according to the ferguson police department's records, last year, police stopped twice as many african americans than whites, among those, police found more illegal substances such as drugs or guns on white residents versus the black ones. >> if that is the perception out there, that is something else we have to work on. >> it is more than just perception? . >> i don't think so. >> the davis case is well known here locally the michael brown case only served to further strain relations. >> when a community loses faith in people there to protect them, the department has no credibility. >> texas governor rick perry has
been booked and fingerprinted, posing for this mug shot. he was greeted by a crowd of supporters the case centers around the county's district attorney, rosemary lendberg, convicted of drunk driving. prosecutors say perry carried out a threat to veto her budget as her ofgs was investigating him. they charged him with abuse of power and co yergs of a public official. perry called it an attack on the state constitution. >> i'm going to fight this injustice with every fiber of my being. we will prevail. >> governor perry will be arraigned on friday, then head to new hampshire to stump for republican candidates and test waters for another possible presidential run. >> one of the most-familiar voices in broadcasting has been silenced. announcer don parringo, voice of "saturday night live" and
"original version of" jeopardy "died in his home." his booming bara tone made him an integral part of the programs on which he appeared >> i used to tell everybody you want a program to have longevity, you must hire me as your announcer. because look at the shows. "price is right", still on the air. "jeopardy" still on the air. now, "saturday night live", our 35th year. >> he is right about that. that interview is from several years ago. he was 96 years old.
umbrellas in august. and cars driving in reverse. >> it's the kind of thing when hollywood pays a visit to san francisco. >> there is a reason it doesn't happen more often. >> california may northbound a drought but in the corner of jones and elvis, it's raining cats and
dogs not the work of mother nature, it's worth of 200 crew members filming "ant man" set for release in july, starring paul rudd. it's only filming here for a day. >> it means over time for police, business for indicatoring companies and port o potty rentals and extras. >> i was getting on the bus. it's fun, it's fun. >> will smith starred in the pursuit of happyness filmed on this street. >> some argue the reason more movies aren't filmed here is simple, money. more are offering huge tax
incentives. >> these are millions of dollars on these productions and thousands of jobs we're losing. >> that is why a will would increase tax incentives. they're staging a wednesday-morning rally, featuring the cast of "pretty little liars". >> if we're able to back the bill, we'll keep production jobs >> maybe giving a day's work to folks who are struggling. >> i think here, homeless shelter here, i heard about trials for being an extra nine happened on it. abc7 news. >> well, coming up, a hotel valet loses a key to a car. >> what happens
a r.for one couple, this
became a nightmare. their hotel lost their car key, leaving them stranded wit two small children. >> every year amber leva spent a long weekend in yosemite. >> swimming pool. >> amber has been coming here since she was a child. >> their visit in february was the perfect family trip. that is, until the problem at the end. >> we come to check out and the valet couldn't find the keys. >> really we didn't feel a sense of urgency right away. we're like okay. no problem.
>> the family missed their breakfast reservation >> you realize how are we going to get home? >> the day wore on, and toys and clothes locked in the car. >> my 5-year-old was barely crawling at the time my 2-year-old is wild and lively. she was very stir crazy. >> they had a plan. her parents would get the spare key in newark and fed-ex it to the hotel. it would take seven hours. the family checked back into the room and waited. >> we'd take walks, touching snow, counting stairs >> darkness fell, the key arrived they drove home the hotel promising to reimburse the cost of a key not simple. it's a digital device costing $500. the man who sent the invoice to the hotel but never got reimbursed. >> they contacted you guys.
>> we contacted the general manager. he not only reimbursed the cost of the key, but also refunded their hotel stay, offering another two-night stay for free. telling us we apologize for the inconvenience and wish we'd been made aware of the lapse sooner and hope they'll return as our guests to continue a wonderful family tradition, enjoying yosemite. >> that was a goal continuing to make memories, take pictures in spots again, enjoy facilities. >> i'd like to thank the lodge for making it up to this family. a lesson, take a spare key. it may come in handy. >> let's talk about the forecast. >> a pattern today, low clouds,
lingering not just at the coast. right now, here is a live view from our camera. cooler in most places and nine degrees cooler than average highs there for this date. san rafael, six degrees cooler, san francisco, on target, 68 degrees. across the state tomorrow, temperatures into warm range but not hot. we'll see showers over the sierra. thunderstorms near palm springs. in the bay area, more sunshine than we've had today won't be warmer, we'll see high temperatures in the low to mid-80s then, next week, we'll expect a warm up. thursday through sunday, highs
mid to upper 80s around the bay. monday, tuesday, we'll see low 90s inland finally getting back to more seasonal range. >> this is nice >> thank you very much. >> time for sports. >> yes. larry beil. you have 49ers to talk about? >> yes. >> i just realized boy have been here earlier. why didn't collin cappernick run more last year? injuries we're just finding out about, next in spo
good evening, everybody. bud saleiing g made a stop tonight where the a's ballpark situation has been hanging m limbo. anyone remember the hero? spencer does. saleig appointed a committee five years ago to study the issue of territorial rights for a's and giants all members are locked in a library somewhere. because nothing has been done. nada.
zippo. he told media >> unable to resolve the stadium and territorial issues. i understand it. i understand frustrations and am proud of everything we've done. looking back, it's complicated. despite of the fact people don't think it is. is there anything that i could have done differently? and i would say i won't be. >> how about resolve it? a's playing mets tonight. ryan vogelsong, anthony rizzo is mashing. that is a two-run homer, then,
skies opened up and grounds crew could not get the tarp on the field. just trying to get the tarp stretched out. a rain delay now. now, we know why collin cappernick hardly ran the ball he was hurt in week two against seattle. he had a chipped bone and a ruptured capsule. >> no surgery. just rest. it's a now factor. it's a year old, now. >> new addition to the 49ers family, yesterday, michael anthony crabtree iii entered the world. and coach harbaugh has a scouting report. >> 0 fingers, 0 toes. down the middle of the strike zone. very healthy child. big child.
didn't get a swing span on him yet but all reports are great. michael is very excited about it. >> after kicking in the swirling winds at candle stick, you figure you go to new levis stadium it's going to be a kicker. . >> i don't know if i'm going to have that place figured out soon. best you can do is show up on the game days and figure out a way to get them through. information was gathered sunday in a painful way i'll take every kick i can get in. >> next up is an exhibition game tomorrow night against dominican republic great opportunity for warriors steph curry and clay thompson to keep working on their games. >> you know, any time you get
the gym together, 12, 14 best players in the world, it's a great opportunity to grow our games. and guarding is great for both of us. >> abc 7 sports brought to you by orchard supply, hardware. just wish i could figure this out. there is is complicated math involved. >> searching the sierra, a teacher last seen ten days ago. then, at 11:001 moment protesting and the next, handcuffed. one musician tells us what it is like on the streets of ferguson. >> and tonight in prime time, it's extreme weight loss
followed by 2020. and remember, you can see all abc programming on your smart phone, tablet or computer. simple to do. it works well. >> you can find us on multiple platforms. >> that is going to do it for this edition of abc7 news. i'm cheryl jennings. thanks for joining us tonight. >> from all of us here, we appreciate your time. have a good night. we'll see you again at 9:00 and 11:00. bulldog: it's true! i am a bundle of talent!
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